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5 Craft Project Ideas Using Braided Elastics

5 Craft Project Ideas Using Braided Elastics

Our craft supplies are always a mixture of fun and exciting materials. One treasure almost all of us have handy are braided elastic bands. These stretchy little bands are inexpensive and are convenient to keep around in case of an emergency repair of elastic-fitted clothing. On their own, though, they’re easily incorporated into fun ideas using leftover materials and apparel. To name just a few fun ways to use elastics, let's take a look at our favorite five craft project ideas using braided elastics.

Shirr a Blouse

If you're looking for a way to breathe new into an old piece of clothing, consider shirring! It's a traditional technique that uses elastics to create a lovely pattern in a wide swath. Add a section of this fantastic technique to add a little more texture. Shirring is also excellent for turning baggy and boring clothes into beautiful, comfy, and form-fitting pieces.

Stretchy Braided Bracelet

If you've got many ends and pieces, it's tough to find a use for them. Short strands of braided elastic are no different, and it always seems like a shame to discard them. Instead, try dying the short pieces of band you have laying around and making a bracelet. Braided elastic can be quickly and easily woven into one of these colorful, stretchy accessories.

Cute Hair Scrunchies

While you could almost use stretchy bracelets as a hair tie, it's just as easy to make yourself a scrunchy. Grab some short ends of elastic and a few leftover cuts of cloth. Stitch the fabric into a headband-like tube, leaving an inch or two open. Feed the elastic in and make a hidden seam. You now have the perfect scrunchy to match your look.

Fun Elastic Hairbands

Among our five craft project ideas using braided elastics, cute and colorful hairbands are easily one of the most popular. Like with hair scrunchies, it's a great way to turn bits and pieces of leftover cloth into a lovely accent for any outfit. What's more, elastics in headbands ensure they're a little more tailored to your head and hairstyle than the boring sweatband types sold in stores. Try adding a bow, flowers, or gems for an extra adorable and unique look.

Form-Fit Your Clothes

Finally, the most practical use for extra elastics is to tweak the shape of your clothing. Elastics in critical locations help your outfit hang better and complement your beauty. Store-bought pieces are often too generic to express everybody's beauty adequately. When you make adjustments with stretch bands, you ensure each piece remains comfortable, good looking, and appealing matter what pose you strike.

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