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Types of Packaging Tapes

Before discussing the types of packaging tapes, it’s first worth noting that there is a distinction between packing and shipping tape. Where shipping tape is intended to be used in a temporary capacity (i.e., for shipping), packing tape—often called, “carton sealing tape”—is capable of being used for a longer period of time, such as for item storage. This reality means that shipping tapes are typically less durable, don’t maintain their stickiness as long, and are susceptible to changes in heat and humidity—rendering them less than effective in uncertain circumstances. Alternatively, packing tapes provide a greater level of reliability, which is why SheShips only provides carton sealing tapes in order to ensure effectiveness, regardless of variations in climate, weather, and environments that lack temperature controls.

When thinking about individual types of packaging tapes in terms of their use cases, you may often find that the intended purpose of certain tapes is inherently gimmicky. You may also find that their necessity is limited to extremely specific circumstances. An excellent example is cold temperature tapes, which (as the name suggests) are designed to withstand particularly cold temperatures. While this is a viable option for goods that will be held in refrigerated storage or if you are located in an area that is cold year-round; they have an ironic ineffectiveness in warmer temperatures, where they begin to lose their adhesive strength.

While there is an argument for the security benefits of water-activated tape or the additional durability provided by strapping tape, in the vast majority of cases, you want a packaging tape that’s effectiveness is matched by its versatility. That’s why, at SheShips, we don’t offer gimmicky specialty tapes—we offer the type of packaging tape we know works every time.

If you have any questions about our carton sealing tapes or any of our other shipping supplies, feel free to reach out to us via our contact page. We love answering customer inquiries.