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5 Must-Have Items To Keep in Your Sewing Room

5 Must-Have Items To Keep in Your Sewing Room

A sewing room can look different for each business owner, but there are specific five must-have items to keep in your sewing room that could make or break your projects. Let’s take a look at a few things you’ll need as you build your sewing room.

You don’t have to acquire all of these items all at once. Simply keep in mind what is most important to you and your business needs. (And if you already have a few of these things, great—now you can get the rest!)

Basic Essentials

You’ll need your sewing machine or rotary cutter and mat, of course. But there are also a few basic items you’ll need for a working sewing room. Acquire products like:

  • Fabric/regular scissors
  • Tape
  • Pins
  • Ruler
  • Chalk

These items are what you’ll need to physically complete each project successfully. Remember, if you choose to purchase tape for shipping purposes, you may benefit from purchasing varying kinds like bulk packing tape to ensure your orders are ready to go!

Proper Lighting

This one may seem a bit obvious at first glance, but it’s crucial to understand why proper lighting is necessary for your sewing room.

To produce a quality project, ensure your sewing area is lit properly. If you have poor lighting, it’s easy to experience eye strain, especially when you’re working on a single item for longer than an hour.

You can use strong overhead lighting or even an adjustable desk lamp to illuminate your area.

Table and a Comfortable Chair

Working with an ideal table that fits your go-to equipment and projects can make a difference in productivity. If you’re constantly moving to grab items, it can be hard to stay focused on the task at hand.

Additionally, if you sit in a low-quality chair while you’re sewing, you may experience back issues over time. Use an adjustable, comfortable chair to ensure you remain in good condition. Place a pillow behind your back for extra support!

Idea Board

Having an idea board in your sewing area is a great way to get inspired. Think of it as a real-life Pinterest board! You can use images, fabric pairings, or Post-It notes to track your designs (and even your business goals!)

When you’re looking at different fabrics or designs, you may think of amazing ideas for your next project. Placing them on your idea board can help you stay inspired and creative.

Thread and Fabric Stash

This one may take some time to build, but that’s okay! It’s always a great idea to keep a stash of fabric and thread in your sewing room so you can grab them at a moment’s notice. It may be tempting to buy lots of fabric in the beginning but try to resist! Instead, opt for shopping through clearance bins that can offer you varying lengths and patterns. You’ll get plenty of fabric to create a stash at a great price.

These five must-have items to keep in your sewing room will ensure you’re ready for more customers and projects. Your sewing business will flourish!

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