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Benefits of Flat Knitted Elastic Bands for Manufacturers

Benefits of Flat Knitted Elastic Bands for Manufacturers

Elastic bands are used in almost every garment because they give clothing flexibility and durability. While we may understand how they benefit retailers and shoppers alike, what about the benefits of flat knitted elastic bands for manufacturers? Read on to learn how you can use these unique elastic bands during your manufacturing process.

What Are Flat Knitted Elastic Bands?

One may hear “elastic band” and think of the string that ties their gym shorts together but fail to realize that there are many types of elastic bands that are used for different purposes.

Knitted elastics are made by interweaving fibers together. These types of elastic bands are typically softer than others, like woven or braided elastics.

How Are They Used in Manufacturing?

Many manufacturers use knitted elastic bands for producing workout apparel, lingerie, backpacks, and even bungee cords!

Manufacturers generally utilize large machinery to produce elastic bands to ensure they’re built correctly and without harm to the employees.

Elastics are made throughout the world by thousands of manufacturers, helping businesses create their products and, in turn, assisting consumers in purchasing high-quality items!

What Are the Benefits?

The knitted elastic band is known for its ability to maintain its shape when stretched. They often don’t lose their strength when sewn into garments, making these elastic bands ideal for waistbands, skirts, and more.

Additionally, knitted elastic is shrink resistant material that allows the consumer to wash and wear it when they need to, which is why this elastic type is perfect for athletic wear. Knitted elastic is also soft enough to make contact with the skin and not cause skin irritation, like other elastics.

Now that you understand the benefits of flat knitted elastic bands for manufacturers, you may use these types of elastics for your next project! Its ability to stretch in all directions without compromising elasticity makes for the perfect elastic material for DIY clothing projects or products.

Are you making a gift for a friend as a side project outside of your business? Handmake it with a knitted elastic band—they’ll appreciate a gift that they can wear and take care of properly! Keep in mind that knitted elastic works best with light to medium weighted fabric.

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