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How To Choose the Right Shipping Boxes

How To Choose the Right Shipping Boxes

How to choose the right shipping box is a quandary that perplexes even experienced business owners. There are so many types and shapes of packages available, as well as a variety of sizes and materials to choose from. Choosing the one container that will defend your business’s goods to their destination can be a daunting decision. Fortunately, there are a few simple rules that will ease the burden.

Keep Items Safe

The first concern for any kind of shipping is ensuring customers receive their order in one piece. This means every item must be thoughtfully packed in a manner that protects it from a wide range of possibilities. Things can happen in shipping that are out of your control and that of the shipping company. Packages simply must be appropriately equipped to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

If you are shipping breakable items, start with a box that has plenty of room. For delicate items, at least an inch of space around all sides is typically sufficient. This extra space will then be padded with peanuts, packing tissue, or bubble wrap to give your goods a safety buffer. The exact contents you choose to provide cushioning will also depend on the size of the box and the nature of the items being shipped.

Consider Item Dimensions

While spacing is important to protect an item that’s fragile, too much or too little space is also a problem. We’ve all received a package that’s filled to the brim with plastic and paper, and at the very bottom is the tiny thing we ordered. Too much room wastes money, material, and irritates customers. Even if your item is less likely to be destroyed in case of an impact, it’s still better to add a bit of padding. The sturdiest of goods can still get unsightly dents and scratches if they are not properly padded.

Take measurements of items to be shipped before selecting a box. The ideal shape will be only just larger than the item and provides half an inch to an inch of space all the way around. For unusually shaped items, chances are there isn’t a box that will fit it perfectly. Instead, choose a package that is snug on as many sides as possible and center the item within the protective material.

Professional Appearance

The final detail of how to choose the right shipping box is to consider its visual appeal. Any goods received by a customer are a sample of your customer service and the quality you offer. As such, you don’t want to send out packages that are sloppy or forgettable. Larger items will tend to fit best in plain corrugated packaging boxes. However, even color and texture variants of the most basic box exist.

Choose a box that serves its purpose and complements the professionalism of your brand. There are also many cartons and cardboard cases that are excellent for small items that need to impress. Explore what’s best for the style and budget of your business, and choose a box that emphasizes these values while safely putting your products in your customer's hands.

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