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The 3 Most Common Types of Shipping Boxes

The 3 Most Common Types of Shipping Boxes

Are you looking to improve your shipping game for your small business? You can ship your products using various niche types of boxes, such as:

  • Regular slotted
  • Full overlap
  • Telescope boxes

But those boxes have a specific use and space for which items can fit, whereas the three most common types of shipping boxes give you the flexibility you need. Let's explore the features that make these boxes popular for many small business operations.


As its name suggests, a rigid shipping box provides superior protection for the items inside them because they're more durable.

This shipping box is perfect for high-end businesses that focus on "perceived value,” a marketing strategy used to increase a customer's rating of the product or service.

For example, iPhones come in rigid boxes because they protect the device and make the consumers think the product is of higher value than it is.


A folding box enables the business owner to quickly ship lightweight products like clothing, jewelry, or paperback books. This type of shipping box is common amongst businesses because it contains indents in the material that make setting up the box much easier.


What type of box did you use to pack your belongings during a move? Chances are, you might've used corrugated carton boxes because they can pack various items all in one space.

However, it's easy to confuse cardboard boxes with corrugated boxes, but the material, construction process, and sturdiness of the finished product are what set them apart. Cardboard can be any board made from paper that can be turned into playing cards or any other paper material.

Corrugated boxes have three layers of material to provide the ultimate protection for your products: two flat sheets with a thicker, rippled sheet in the middle.

The corrugated box can provide excellent protection and cushion for your products that allow for easy transportation.

These three common types of shipping boxes can help you pack products and ship them to your customers in a safe, efficient, and easy way!

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