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The Easy Way To Stop Elastic From Fraying During Sewing

The Easy Way To Stop Elastic From Fraying During Sewing

The elastic in many clothing items tends to fray, and that leads to a lack of support. However, you can fix this with our simple instructions. The next time your project calls for you to sew elastic, use this easy method to stop elastic from fraying and enjoy perfect results every time!

The Elastic in Your Wardrobe

Elastic is a handy little thing. It's in underwear, swimwear, and sports bras, among other clothing articles. Any clothing that needs to have stretchy, fitted, flexible, or comfortable qualities needs to include elastic. But elastic can start fraying if you're not paying attention while sewing with it. Here's how you can stop the fraying from happening!

Start Sewing

Cut your elastic a little longer than you need so that you have some extra room for error when sewing it in place. You can always trim off any excess later. Now you're ready to sew your elastic. Sewing scissors with sharp tips and blades are essential, as they’re easy to maneuver through the fabric and elastic layers. Don't forget to keep them sharp! If they get dull over time, they'll snag on your work and cause fraying or pulling of threads.

If you notice fraying once you've cut your section, you can combat this with a bit of heat. Apply heat to the edges with a heat gun, singe the edges and burn off the top row of the treads to seal the edge and prevent further fraying.

Skip the Fray

Elastic frays because it constantly experiences pulling tension. One easy way to stop elastic from fraying during sewing is to sew it to the fabric with a zigzag stitch. This will secure the elastic and prevent it from fraying with multiple stretches. You don’t necessarily need a machine to do this, either! 

You can also create the same outcome by hand. A zigzag stitch is perfect for sewing elastics because you can provide the perfect amount of tension. There won't be any wrinkles or bunching in your seamline. This method can be efficient, especially for smaller projects.

No matter the project, you can take these steps to ensure that your elastic bands can stand the test of time stretch after stretch. You can also purchase high-end elastics that are less likely to cause issues. Buying bulk braided elastic ensures that you always have the perfect material on hand for your next design.

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