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Tips for Ordering Packaging Supplies in Bulk

Tips for Ordering Packaging Supplies in Bulk

To keep your packaging and shipping operations as smoothly as possible, it’s vital to keep your business well supplied so you can meet any volume of demand. Buying in bulk is a good and cost-effective way to achieve these goals and keep you productive. To make sure you’re well-stocked and saving money, here are tips for ordering packaging supplies in bulk.

When To Buy

There isn’t really a bad time to consider buying supplies in bulk. Being proactive can help reduce any pressure to make quick choices. However, there has been a habit for businesses to make small, familiar purchases when the need for supplies is urgent—which is more of a temporary (and potentially more expensive) fix to meet your demands. Consider your circumstances and plan in advance to find the bulk supplies for your needs. Considering bulk supplies is also a great idea when your business has new product to ship or is investigating ways to reduce costs. It also provides an alternative to changing suppliers.

Available Supplies

A few of the basic supplies you can purchase in bulk include:

  • Shipping Containers—Boxes and cartons are essential for successful shipping, and depending on your product, you’ll need to consider the right kind of container. A common standard for containers is corrugated packaging boxes for their impact-resistant design, durability, and ease to stack and store away. For garments, for example, you’ll want to invest in poly bags.
  • Cushioning Material—Packing peanuts or bubble wrap will fill a package’s empty space, protecting it from further harm (such as jostling or bumping). Rather than skimping on important protection and filling the box “just enough” for the sake of it, your workers can use cushioning material to provide the best security for products.
  • Packaging Tape—A good sealing tape is vital to keep your packages from opening and spilling out. Carton tape is easy to store while being far more effective and durable than typical duct tape.

Choosing a Supplier

Of course, you want absolute confidence in the supplier of your packaging materials, and a good tip for ordering packaging supplies in bulk is finding a supplier that best understands your needs. Here at SheShips, we’re a female-owned business dedicated to providing quality, wholesale packaging supplies for businesses large and small. As a smaller-scale operation ourselves, we understand the trials and needs of smaller businesses. We can offer a more personable, effective supplier.

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