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What Is the Most Efficient Way To Tape a Shipping Box?

What Is the Most Efficient Way To Tape a Shipping Box?

Packaging is an integral part of the shipping process. Like most people, you probably slap some tape on the top of your boxes and call it good, but that isn't the most effective way to do things. So, what is the most efficient way to tape a shipping box? Let us teach you how to prepare your next shipping box so that your package arrives safely at its destination.

Choose the Right Tape

When shipping a package, it is vital to use the correct tape type and apply it precisely. There are many different types of tape available, but some are better than others for shipping packages. You can buy bulk packing tape explicitly designed for shipping. It is strong and waterproof, helping keep your package dry even if it is raining outside.

Apply Correctly

First, ensure that the box is clean and free of debris. Now you’ll apply tape to seal the bottom of the box.

To apply the tape:

  1. Start by folding the flap of the box closed and applying one or two strips across the seam.
  2. Place the tape on the top edge of the flap and press down firmly.
  3. Work your way down the flap, making sure to press down on each piece of tape.
  4. Seal the entire flap, including the corners.
  5. If there is excess tape, cut it off with scissors.

Secure Your Items

Secure your items inside and apply another piece of tape to the top of the box. Use the steps outlined above as a guide. Again, make sure that you cover all the seams. Ensure that the tape is securely applied so that it doesn't come loose during transit.

If you're packing a heavy item, you will need to apply more tape to make sure to secure the package. You can also use reinforced packing tape to be extra cautious. Once the taping is complete, label it with the appropriate shipping information.

These simple steps are the most efficient way to tape a shipping box. Soon it will become second nature, and you’ll be shipping out orders quickly.

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