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What To Include in Your Small Business Packaging

What To Include in Your Small Business Packaging

Being a small business has many advantages over what larger competitors can offer. One of the best ways independent entrepreneurs can compete is with personalized packing. What to include in your small business packaging should always be more than the minimal effort needed to keep an item safe.

Package Filler That Reinforces the Brand Image

If your brand emphasizes eco-friendliness, it’s probably not a great idea to stuff packages with plastic. Whatever your brand image is, consider the type of package that will support that image. Choosing recycled or plant-based options is better for the earth-conscious brand, for instance. Others opt for filler in their brand’s logo palette. Whatever you choose, try to avoid anything unprofessional, like crumpled sales papers. Another good thing to avoid is the warehouse packaging approach of items tossed in a box with a scrap of bubble wrap or a few air pillow packs.

Consider Adding Samples and Freebies

One idea that encourages customers to return while simultaneously impressing them is to include a gift with each purchase. Of course, it’s always best if the free item arrives as a surprise—advertising a gift always feels like a hard-sell gimmick. Instead, consider adding a sample of another thing offered in your shop. Many small businesses make a steady trickle of income selling stickers that double as delightful free inserts into any order.

Emphasis on the Unboxing Experience

As a small business, it’s much more possible to create a unique unboxing experience at a low cost than a big business. To begin, forget about ordering a fully custom box or insert; while this is how corporations do it, it’s primarily wasteful and too expensive. Instead, find a packaging supplier with stock and bulk packaging that fits the products and creates the right experience. For instance, a simple and inexpensive gift box or tin makes for a better experience than any plastic package could.

Include a Custom Thank You

Another considerable advantage small businesses have over corporations is personally reaching out to the people who support them. Therefore, what to include in your small business packaging should always be a personalized message of sorts. A simple handwritten note is adequate for most businesses. However, those with a more artistic flair might choose to write their thanks on stationary paper with a printed theme that matches the purchases. Others often include small doodles or even business cards that have custom coupons for loyal customers.

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