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How Your Business Can Reduce Packaging Costs

How Your Business Can Reduce Packaging Costs

For many would-be entrepreneurs, shipping is a massive hurdle. Besides the rising costs of moving products around the country, there’s also always the conundrum of packaging supplies. Obtaining and regularly stocking packaging materials is a task that often proves more difficult than it initially seems.

One major issue is the added cost that packaging materials routinely scoop off the top of shrinking profits. Fortunately, with the right attitude and effort, there’s no reason to surrender profits. Simply asking how your business can reduce packaging material costs is the first step to accomplishing exactly that.

Use Appropriate Materials

The first step to reducing the cost of materials is to ensure your business is using the correct materials. Like many things in this world, you can spend as much as you want on anything—including shipping supplies. While heading for high ticket items might seem like the best way to ensure safe shipping, what you need really depends on what you’re shipping.

While you can buy extra thick, extra sturdy tape and reinforced waterproof package, doing so is overkill in most situations. Nothing is wrong with affordable corrugated cardboard boxes closed up with affordable carton sealing tape.

Purchase Supplies Wholesale

One of the best ways how your business can reduce packaging material costs is to stop buying induvial items. While it might be convenient to grab a roll of tape at Walmart before dashing to the post office, it’s an unnecessary cost that’s likely adding up. Impulsively buying supplies at retail cost puts your business at a huge disadvantage.

Instead, get to know one reliable distributor in your area and only buy wholesale. This presents a special quantity-based discount often only available for tax ID holding businesses, so take advantage of the savings! Sheships is a wholesaler that specializes in packaging supplies for small businesses. Reach out to us today to discuss your business’s shipping needs.

Increase Packaging Efficiency

Lastly, efficiency is always worth looking at. If your business has employees packaging outgoing orders, double-check their training. Confusion about the procedure may be bogging down the process and adding costs. Additionally, investigate the usage of material. Much like buying the wrong items, you may be overstuffing boxes and using your packing materials inefficiently.

Revisit your packaging techniques to make sure you’re producing minimum waste. If you find one or two supplies are constantly depleted, chances are it’s not the most efficient option. Try out different types of boxes and protective material to see if some other options will stretch farther than what you’re currently using.

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